I’ve typed this part out a few times. It’s really tempting to fill any sort of “Mission/About/Description” section with loads of cliches and nonsense, but that’s not what we’re about.

Decades ago, recording used to be a full experience. Bands would move into studios, receive substantial funding from a label, and get to work. They had the freedom to take risks, to push boundaries, and to fail. They had room to create the way art was meant to be created. There were no rules or time constraints, and bands would sometimes write upwards of 100 songs and only actually keep the best ten or twelve.

Fast forward to the current state of music, and the entire process has changed. Budgets are smaller, labels are toying around with nonsensical “360 deals,” and time really is money. Artists go into a studio with a blurry picture of what they want to create and have to make on-the-spot decisions, not based off taste or feel but based off whether the risk of trying something is worth the cost of the studio time. It’s no surprise that much of the music we listen to today sounds like it was derived from the same mold.

The goal of McCord House Recording is to span the divide between what is and what was. We believe that modern technology mixed with the old school intentionality and flair is the best way to create records that will move listeners to their cores. We don’t do hourly rates or hidden costs. If you want to rush through and make something everyone will forget in 6 months, we wish you the best of luck. BUT if you want to create an emotion, an experience that folks can latch onto for a lifetime, that’s why we exist. Contact us today.