“Working with Zach from McCord House is like working with someone who is your best friend. He takes the time to actually listen and fully engage in what the artist is trying to express through the music while also bringing such an extensive knowledge of recording/engineering in the studio.  The McCord house is definitely an artist-friendly safe space to create magic in the studio. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Joshua Howard

“Working and collaborating with Zach was extremely easy. With respect to this being my first studio experience, with the help of Zach, I was able to start figuring myself out as an artist and take my original music to a new level. I walked away with a good friend and a great finished product!”

-Kaden Meeks

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zach at McCord House Recording on two separate projects in the last 3 years. McCord House brings the Nashville sound and the highest quality session musicians to small town West Virginia for a very satisfying project!”

-Michael Toothman

“Working with Zach allowed me to achieve the only childhood dream I’ve ever had, which was to make music. I wasn’t even sure I was capable of recording music before I met him. He makes the process seem simple and encourages me to be the kind of artist I want to be. I never feel forced into fitting a mold of “what an artist should be” when I work with Zach. It feels like he’s just a genuine dude who wants to see my dreams come true and I’m grateful for that.”

-Carlton Smith

“Ive worked with a handful of studios and none were more pleasant than with Zach. It was definitely the most professional and effortless. The musicians were also top notch. I can’t wait to come back.”

-James Reed

“It was a pleasure working with Zach. His enthusiasm and energy make for a wonderful music experience. He has a talent in finding the line where art meets marketability, and an ear that communicates well with listeners.”

-Nat Frederick

“Zach is everyone’s best friend. His work ethic and passion for his work is unlike anyone i’ve ever worked with. He’s committed to making your musical dreams, into a reality. Everyone needs a Zach in their life!”

-Austin James

“Working with Zach was such a dream! The environment of the studio is super relaxed. On top of that, Zach is phenomenal at what he does! I was beyond pleased by the outcome of our project!”

-Alicia Franklin

“Super fun laid back professional working environment. Not only did Zach help me through making my first single but he also helped with the complicated distribution process. I would highly recommend Zach if you are looking to take the next step with your music career.”

-Brandon Laxton